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Vintage Raleigh Roadster Part 4

Some recent upgrades to Janet:

A new rear rack (the proper size) with integral stand. From David Hembrow ’s Dutch Bike Bits



The fixing wasn’t included, luckily the one off my old rack fitted


The light is a battery powered LED, also from David Hembrow


I also got round to fitting the front light, also a battery LED, onto the original Raleigh bracket.



The stand lifts the rear wheel so the rack doesn’t look level in this picture, but it is when sat properly on the ground. I’ve also replaced the original grips with moulded cork ones, which are more comfortable. Thanks to the tip from Portlandize about using the hairdrier to get the old ones off. The grips were from Rose I’m quite happy with them, but wish I’d tried them on a ride before gluing them as ideally now I’d rotate them slightly more to give a greater variety of hand positions.




I’ve also added to Raleigh integral bungees in black and white (but they are hidden by the panniers) This means I can put my D-lock on top of the rack. The old rack had a spring loaded top which I used to put it in, but the new one is flat (obviously for the benefit of any passengers (it is afterall Dutch).

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